Best Surprise "Push Present" Ever!

May 19, 2017



     My husband is just the best. The thought, preparation, and execution of my "Push Present" was by far the greatest gift I think I have ever received. 
     For those of you who don't know what a "Push Present" is, it's basically just a gift some Dad's give to Mom's after having carried and "pushed" out their new baby! For some it's jewelry, or a nice dinner, but Harumi went above and beyond. I was SOOOO surprised, which is hard to do, I ALWAYS figure out surprises! 
    Harumi somehow convinced my favorite YouTuber Mom, Emily Norris, to sit down and film a Congratulations video to me! She is my inspirational Mum Vlogger from the UK, and I look forward to every video she posts. To know that she did this for me means the world, and I cannot get over the joy I get when watching this!
    Husbands, take note ---- THIS is how to make your wife cry ugly happy tears of joy!

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August 3, 2018

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